[Keep pace with the world] 2018 International Digital Economy Expo

4 min readSep 26, 2018


Jointly discuss blockchain technology achievements and future application developments

On the morning of September 20th, 2018 International Digital Economy Expo was held at the Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The three-day conference with the theme that digital economy leads the future closed on September 22, which was organized by China Network Social Organizations Association, China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center, China Netcasting Services Association, and Shijiazhuang Municipal Government.

At the opening ceremony, Ren Xianliang, deputy director of National People’s Congress Social Construction Committee / Chairman of the China Network Social Organization Association, Li Qian, deputy governor of Hebei Province, and Chen Zhaoxiong, deputy director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, respectively delivered speeches.

In his speech, Chen Zhaoxiong stressed that in the context of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, industry is the main battlefield of the real economy as well as the development area of the digital economy.” The digital transformation should be accelerated to support large and medium-sized enterprises and promote the application of technical information systems for SMEs. Meanwhile, the industrial Internet and the integration of innovative applications should be promoted to accelerate the industrial digitalization process.

The expo is also the largest top blockchain event in the world.

Adam Back, Blockstream CEO, the world’s largest blockchain company, also delivered a keynote speech. He believes that blockchain technology is electronicizing people’s assets, which increases trust and security for financial networks. Adam Back said: “Financial institutions and international stock exchanges are still very optimistic about blockchain technology. Now blockchain technology and application are in a prosperous development. By integrating with the real technology, blockchain will be accepted by more people and individuals. “

On the afternoon of September 21, Ulord CEO Dam Woods was invited to participate in the Expo and attended the roundtable forum with the theme 2018 International Blockchain Industry Integration Summit to discuss blockchain technology achievements and future application developments. Yu Bin, Buptonline president, An Xinxin, Jinse co-founder/ Jinse college founder, Li Teng, Nuts Capital co-founder, and Shu Jiajia, president of Beijing Yinhe Blockchain Technology Co., ltd. attended the roundtable forum.

The discussion focused on how blockchain empowers the real economy and innovates development models.

Ulord CEO Dam Woods said that whether it is a traditional enterprise or a startup team, they should pay much attention to these points:

First, the problems of digitization and touch-net, such as blockchain can confirm copyright and trace, but these built on their own business systems have been digitized. The value of blockchain can realize through fission of network;

Second, in terms of business model, it is necessary to judge whether the transformation of the engaged industry needs blockchain. Are there some pain points and urgent problems can be solved by blockchain in this industry? If blockchain is just right for a better solution, the business model will be successful.

Third, concept. In addition to technical features of blockchain, it is a mode of thinking and a concept. Blockchain empowers the real economy and requires a shift in entrepreneurial thinking.

Yu Bin, Buptonline president, said that he is very optimistic about blockchain application. As for the low efficiency, he predicted that it will be solved soon.

An Xinxin, Jinse co-founder/ Jinse college founder, said that blockchain empowers the real economy, and the core of blockchain technology need to be considered deeply. According to China’s policy, the real economy can be integrated from from both the currency-orientated blockchain and the non-currency-orientated blockchain.

Li Teng, Nuts Capital co-founder has two considerations for blockchain to empower the real economy. First, we must understand the difference between blockchain and the previous technology and business model. Second, to penetrate into the business entity, the right industry must be selected. Li Teng said that IOT industry, financial industry and content industry in pan-entertainment are quite promising in blockchain application.

Shu Jiajia, president of Beijing Yinhe Blockchain Technology Co., ltd. said that the maturity of blockchain technology and the real economy are critical to blockchain.

Ulord CEO Dam Woods is talking with Li Yinke, Secretary General of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Committee.




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