Ulord Operation Progress in October, 2018

Community Activity

  1. On October 7, Made in Chain of Ulord Shenzhen Community hosted the Ulord basketball game. The players were full of youth and energy. The theme of the game was “Awake Consensus, Build Community”, and the community players showed their infinite vitality.

2. On October 13, Ulord Shenzhen Community launched the Ulord October offline meetup. The meetup included the interpretation of Ulord project progress, investor experience sharing and free communication. The community members gained a lot and made suggestions for Ulord to seek common development.

3. On Oct 20, Ulord Shijiazhuang community launched a meetup to discuss blockchain technology and the Ulord ecosystem. They realized that 2018 is the first year for the development of the public blockchain. Ulord is not only the first content public blockchain in China, but also carries more applications to lead the regional development. The community construction also bears more responsibilities and has a broader prospect.

4. On October 31, 2018, Ulord New York launched a meetup in New York. Jennifer shared a speech entitled “Meet Ulord, meet a better you”, and attracted many blockchain enthusiasts. Ulord’s overseas community is growing and aims to create a global and robust ecosystem for all the global Ulorders and blockchain lovers.

Online Event

On October 8, the event of “Showing pictures to win awards in China’s National Day Holiday” launched by Ulord came to a success. In the event, the cumulative voting volume was 365,664 and the number of visitors was 141,814. The list of winners was announced on October 10 and the prizes were released.

Training and Exchange

  1. On October 16 and 17, core members of Ulord Global Community Alliance gathered at the Ulord technology R&D base to participate in the two-day training for sharing blockchain technology and market operation. The activity was a complete success. This training strengthened the consensus between the Ulord technical team and the community members. They will strive to build the Ulord ecosystem and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the blockchain industry.

2. On Oct 18, the fourth lesson Cryptography in blockchain was given to Ulord Youde community members.

3. On Oct 24, the fifth lesson Secret Key, a core member in blockchain was given to Ulord Youde community members.

4. On Oct 31, the sixth lesson Consensus Mechanism was given to Ulord Youde community members.

The lecturers are doctors from Ulord technical team, and give training to Youde core volunteers. The courses mainly include blockchain technology, development prospects and Ulord technical features.

Media Report

  1. On October 13, Changsha News Channel interviewed Dr. Dam Woods, Ulord CEO. The successful breakthrough of Ulord sidechain technology shows the R&D level of Ulord. Ulord sidechain, like a bridge, connects different blockchains to each other, linking applications and public blockchains to improve the efficiency of blockchain applications and extend the usage in future.

2. On October 18, Ulord CEO Dam Woods accepted an exclusive interview with ChainHeadline, sharing his opportunity of entering the blockchain industry, the technical advantages of blockchain in the content industry, Ulord community building and the development trend of public chains.

Market News

In October 2018, Ulord New York office was established in New York, bringing together a group of staffs with rich experience in blockchain operations. On October 18, Ulord New York office was invited to attend 2018 Mars Blockchain New York summit, and had a summit dialogue about the “NEXT STEP” of blockchain to analyze the opportunities and challenges of the blockchain industry with famous financial institutions and leaders both from the United States and China.

Dapp on Chain

At 10:00 AM on October 15, Ushare, the first DAPP on the Ulord public blockchain was launched, which will reshape the ecosystem of the content platform.

Blockchain Industry

On October 24, The National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team (CNCERT) officially signed a contract with Changsha Economic Development Zone to establish Blockchain Security Technology Testing Center (BSTTC), China’s only blockchain security testing center only authorized by CNCERT. Mr Tan Lin, Chairman of Hunan Tianheguoyun, which is the technical provider of Ulord, participated in the signing ceremony as a member of the technology testing group of BSTTC.



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