Ulord Progress Report From Oct 11-Oct 17, 2018

Ulord weekly news is reported from the basic layer team, platform team, application team, and test Team.

Welcome to contact us by email: service@ulord.one, or @UlordChain on Github or twitter. Your advice is very important to us. We look forward to your support and participation. Ulord invites you to build Ulord Ecosystem together!

Technical progress

Development progress

Ulord public blockchain development mainly focuses on Ucenter certificate server problem of Ulord mainnet, UOS code upgrade, the construction of testnet and virtual machine, USC network status monitoring and blockchain browser development; the function of developer community front end 1.1.0 is completed and the functions of Ulord wallet are further optimized.

Public blockchain development

1. Ulord mainnet

a. Solve the problem of inconsistent master node list caused by the difference of the master node certificate synchronization data;

b. Solve the problem that the boost library version upgrade cannot access the certificate server, and the boost library is used for network information package;

c. Solve the problem of unstable server access, which is solved by adding Ucenter certificate server deployment in different regions.

2. Ulord sidechain-UOS

a. Set up the operating environment of the sidechain UOS virtual machine, and replace the transaction information storage plug-in with mongo db for storing block data. Users can view detailed data including accounts, transactions, blocks in mongo db;

b. The existing sidechain UOS code is under development, and the basic functions such as account and transaction of the sidechain UOS are verified;

c. Build a test chain for the development and testing of DAPP;

d. Develop a Ulord mining pool upgrade plan to enable joint mining operations and modify the current version of the program.

3. Ulord sidechain USC

In the main network of USC, a statistical program for monitoring the network status is deployed, and the state of the sidechain USC network is monitored in real time by counting CPU memory, network, and node running status.

4. Sidechain USC’s block browser development has finished 80% and Uwallet code token interface development is completed, including UT, SUT transaction record query, token transaction record query, balance inquiry and other functions.

5. Optimize the deletion function of the Ulord Distributed File System (UDFS), using the version mechanism to record each modification of the file, so that users can view the modified history.

6. Ulord desktop wallet version adds the master node rights protection function, completes the capital lock function, and the overall progress has been completed 85%.


1. The developer community front-end 1.1.0 function is completed as follows:

a. Transition animation processing and optimization of the page as well as the compressed image upload;

b. Complete the master node community document directory, document details, post-registration personal settings, post-login personal settings, new navigation headers, proposal home page, clauses, tasks, my tasks, proposal applications, proposal details, etc.

c. Complete multi-language translation and content writing in the master node community.

2. Test and optimize the Ulord wallet 1.2.0 function as follows:

a. Complete functions such as SUT, UT exchange and exchange record inquiries;

b. Complete the asset addition function based on the SUT sidechain;

c. Complete the version 1.2.0 of the home page display optimization and private key storage encryption processing.

Operation Progress

  1. On October 13, Ulord Shenzhen Community launched the Ulord October offline meetup. The activity included the interpretation of Ulord project progress, investor experience sharing and free communication. The community members gained a lot and made suggestions for Ulord to seek common development.

2. On October 13, Changsha News Channel interviewed Dr. Dam Woods, Ulord CEO. The successful breakthrough of Ulord sidechain technology is the demonstration of the project’s research and development capabilities. Ulord sidechain, like a bridge, connects different blockchains to each other, linking applications and public blockchains to improving the efficiency of blockchain application, which will have more extensive usage in the future.

3. From October 16 to October 17, core members of Ulord Global Community Alliance gathered at the Ulord technology R&D base to participate in the two-day training for sharing blockchain technology and market operation. The activity was a complete success. This training strengthened consensus between the Ulord technical team and the community members. They will strive to build the Ulord ecosystem and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the blockchain industry.

Ulord is a peer to peer value transfer public blockchain.

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Ulord is a peer to peer value transfer public blockchain.

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