Ulord Progress Report From Sep 19-Sep 25, 2018

Ulord weekly news is reported from the basic layer team, platform team, application team, and test Team.

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Technical progress

Development progress

Ulord public blockchain development work mainly focuses on the locking coins technology of the main chain, USC (Ulord sidechain) performance improvement, sidechain UOS peg, and new functional applications of UDFS; Wallet V1.2.0 Android and iOS versions are respectively in testing and development phase; Ushare V 0.5.0 finishes iteration and part of preparatory work. The developer community proposal function finishes test.

Public blockchain development

1. Improve the performance of USC, modify the two built-in contracts of bridge and remasc to improve contract performance. Bridge is a two-way peg contract, and remasc is a bonus distribution contract. The infinite whitelist function is tested, and UT can be transferred to SUT indefinitely. The test whitelist is a two-way peg user list;

2. According to operational needs, Ulord platform’s function of locking 10,000 UTs are developed to simplify the locking process of 10,000 UTs and ensures that locked UTs are not mistakenly spent. Check the problem of ucenter accessing sql database to solve the problem that the connection time of sql is too long, and invalid connection;

3. Explore Bitcoin’s “unspent transaction output” — a new technical practice of the UTXO model, and analyze bitcoin cash wormhole project;

4. Upload the modified UOS source code of Ulord sidechain to GitHub to solve the problem that the conflict in new codes makes compile error. Add the cleos command line to realize the voting operation and cancelling voting according to the specified number of tokens;

5. Ulord and UOS pegging is in development. New interface is for storing special transactions of UOS type issued by ordinary users (transactions have been completed), new functions are for verifying special transactions created by users (not tested). The interface for ordinary users to find multiple-signed addresses and the interface for alliance to add and change multi-signature address are finished;

6. Develope a peg multi-sign contract on UOS to facilitate the alliance to convert UT to UOS Token;

7. Launch Ulord sidechain block browser development with reference to etherscan.io website, to extract transaction details, token transactions and inquiries on USC chain;

8. Push and active backup of UDFS are applied to the blog demo system.


1. Wallet V 1.2.0 Android version:

a. Complete automatically updating the local database according to the version;

b. Optimize wallet performance and security vulnerabilities after code auditing;

c. V 1.2.0 plans to enter the testing phase this week.

2. Wallet V 1.2.0 iOS version is in development:

a. Complete personal center and wallet management module development;

b. Complete SUT/UX asset addition and transfer functions.

3. The progress of Ulord Developer Community website V1.1.0 is as follows:

a. Complete registration and login, developer page, real-name authentication, search, background management and other backstage interface development;

b. 50% of the front-end page is complete, the development of home page navigation, registration and login, and proposal submission by others are completed.

Dapp on Chain

1. Ushare V0.5.0 function development is completed and scheduled to launch on September 27. The main functions of this iteration include:

a. Add the classification of work experience, investment, etc.

b. Add article collection function;

c. Add the time limit of making zan and comments to ensure the validity of user behavior;

d. Optimize follow page;

e. Optimize editor;

f. Add original tags.

2. Add statistics function of UX transaction data in the backstage to improve activity support and operation efficiency;

3. Complete some preparatory work before the official launch in October, such as the stress test of user registration system.


Developer community proposal functional test:

1. The user who passes the real name authentication submits proposal after inputting the proposal name, number of UTs required by the proposal, number of staging, collection address, 5UTs transaction ID, and the project profile within the specified time period;

2. After the system reviews the basic information data of the proposal, the developer community home page loads and displays the generated proposal data;

3. After superblock is generated, the system settles the proposal and pays the corresponding UTs for the proposals that meet the requirements.

This function has been verified in the test environment.

Operation Progress

Industry exchange

1. On Sep 20, “Blockchain empowering the real economy” seminar held by Huobi University in Changsha achieved success. Ulord technical team was invited to attend with experts and more than 70 local enterprises to discuss practical problems in blockchain technology and transformation process and improve their understanding about blockchain technology.

2. On Sep20–22, Ulord CEO Dam Woods was invited to participate in 2018 International Digital Economy Expo held in Shijiazhuang. On the afternoon of Sep 21, he attended the roundtable form of 2018 International Blockchain Industry Integration Summit to discuss the blockchain technology achievements and future application development with industry experts.

Community activity

1. From September 23 to September 24, Ulord Global Community Alliance launched the “Ulord Mid-Autumn Q & A” activity, which achieved a success. Rewards for more than 500 winners were distributed.

2. On September 26, the second lesson The Status and Prospects of Blockchain Development was taught to Ulord Youde community members. The lecturers are doctors from Ulord technical team, and give the training to Youde core volunteers. The deep learning is about blockchain technology, development prospects, Ulord technical features to create a blockchain learning community.

None interpretation

Whitelist: it is opposite to “blacklist”. If a whitelist is set up, users (or IP addresses, IP packets, emails) on the whitelist will pass preferentially with high safety and speed, and not be rejected as spam.

Multi-sign contract: the contract requires multiple signatures or approvals before transaction. Multiple signatures increase the security of cryptocurrency, so that no one can take all the digital currency without other’s consent.



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