Ulord Project Progress (From April 8, 2021 to April 14, 2021)

Welcome to contact us. Email: service@ulord.one, or @ulordchain on GitHub or Twitter. Your suggestions are very important to us. We look forward to your support and participation.

Technical Progress


1. The scheduling and management technology of Ulord nodes based on K8S was studied.

2. The mechanism of Ulord supporting K8S container management was studied.

3. The allocation and operation monitoring of Ulord nodes’ GPU resources in K8S was studied.


The content access recommendation algorithm of the UDFS storage and the content discovery mechanism based on the network scheduling efficiency were studied.

Product Progress

UDFS has been docking more applications to build a strong UDFS ecosystem.


Practical Byzantine Fault Toleran,adopts the consensus mechanism of “ permitted voting and minority obeying majority ” to elect leaders and keep accounts. This consensus mechanism allows Byzantine fault tolerance, allows strong supervision nodes to participate, has the ability to classify permissions, has higher performance and lower energy consumption, and each round of accounting will be jointly elected by the whole network nodes. It allows 33 % of the nodes to commit evil, and the fault tolerance rate is 33 %. Practical Byzantine fault tolerance is particularly suitable for the application scenario of alliance chain.



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