Ulord Project Progress (From August 05 to August 11, 2021)

Welcome to contact us. Email: service@ulord.one, or @ulordchain on GitHub or Twitter. Your suggestions are very important to us. We look forward to your support and participation.

Technical Progress


1. The DAG technology based transaction fast confirmation algorithm has been deployed online, which makes the transaction submission and verification truly concurrent processing, greatly improving the TPS of Ulord blockchain.

2. Ulord main chain blockchain browser has added the Token ranking function.


1. The object — based storage function was studied to provide highly reliable storage services.

2. The code was optimized and the reliability and efficiency of reading data were improved

Product Progress

Some function modules of Ulord APP was adjusted to enhance the use fluency.


Tangle: Tangle is a transformative decentralised distributed ledger created by IOTA project, which is scalable, lightweight and can transfer value without any cost. Tangle is an organization based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG), rather than a linked architecture like a blockchain, which regularly adds blocks to achieve higher alternate throughput and zero transaction fees.

Ulord is a peer to peer value transfer public blockchain.