Ulord Project Progress (From Dec 27, 2018 to Jan 2, 2019)

Ulord project progress includes the progress from the underlying layer team, the platform team, the application team, and test team.

Welcome to contact us by email: service@ulord.one, or @UlordChain on Github or twitter. Your advice is very important to us. We look forward to your support and participation. Ulord invites you to build the Ulord ecosystem together!

Technical progress

Development progress

The Ulord public blockchain development mainly focuses on the tutorial of the sidechain UOS testnet, node deployment, TPS testing, and USmart. New features and smart contracts in UDFS has been in development and the UMaster test is complete. Ulord V2.0.0 has been in test and Ulord V2.0.1 has been in development. The developer community V1.2.0 and the block browser of the sidechain UOS testnet have been online.

The public blockchain development

1. UOS sidechain BP nodes, full node deployment tutorials, and contract development tutorials were edited. Developers can easily deploy the UOS testnet according to the tutorials.

2. The UOS testnet was launched. BP nodes, RPC nodes of the UOS testnet were deployed. Currently, the UOS testnet runs normally.

3. TPS testing of the UOS testnet were taken. The performance of the UOS sidechain testnet is equal to that of the EOS mainnet.

4. Usmart, the UOS wallet browser plug-in was developed and has been in the application of the listing on Chrome App Store. USmart can provide convenient payment functions for Dapps on UOS, and will support USC and UT in the future.

5. The bind between Usmart and UDFS registration was in the pre-research for users’ convenient operation;

6. Smart contracts for UDFS score have been in development;

7. UMaster, the masternode management system, was test and the system management preparation has been gradually advanced.


1. The beta test of Ulord V 2.0.0 was completed and some functions were added: escrow account function, discovery plaza, and honeycomb game; the exchange function between UT and SUT was added.

2. Ulord V2.0.1 entered the development, including completing the escrow account replenishment, cash withdrawal function, and completing the UT red envelope function.

3. The developer community V 1.2.0 is officially launched (https://ulorder.one/)

The front-end new function: forum, task invitation, the sidechain UOS function module. The proposal function and UI were optimized;

The backstage new function: data statistics, forum management, financial management, proposal management and task management module.

4. The block browser of the UOS testnet has been online: http://testnet.uos.ulord.one/.


Developer Community V 2.0.0 function test:

1. Task invitation was added. If user A invites user B successfully, both can get UT as bonus.

2. Forum function was added. You can post, comment, like, click topic list and view the details.

3. The personal center and the forum message were optimized. Users can view their post and reply records.

4. The sidechian UOS function was added:

a. User can create a sidechain UOS account in the testnet bar and get UOS coins through the UOS faucet. Users can view related data through the UOS block browser.

b. In the resource bar, users can download USmart tools and the sidechain UOS tutorials.

5. The masternode proposal function was optimized:

a. When the non-masternode user views the proposal details, only part of the information content was displayed and he has no voting right; When the masternode user views the proposal details, all the proposal details were displayed and he has the voting right;

b. If the proposal is rejected, the users can reapply;

c. The proposal voting failure interface displays related information.

This version was tested and launched on December 28, 2018

Operation Progress

1. On December 26 and 29, Ulord announced twice the list of excellent Ulord users in the Ulord beta test and gave them awards. Sincere thanks to these initial users of Ulord.

2. On December 29, the Ulord sidechain UOS testnet was officially launched. UOS has innovation in voting mechanism, incentive mechanism, throughput, irreversible block mechanism, and joint alliance. The tutorial was released (https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/OiUdn0qhZSBLQNmJTDOkKQ).

Welcome developers to install the UOS testnet.

3. On December 30 and January 1, Ulord New York office and the strategic partner HOMEBLOC jointly launched the “10th Anniversary of Bitcoin Genesis Block”. Blockchain pioneers, KOLs and technology enthusiasts gathered to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome the new year of 2019.


UOS (Ulord operation system): UOS is the Ulord operation system. It is the second sidechain based on Ulord. It uses the DPos consensus protocol to extend millions TPS. UOS has strong compatibility. The EOS contract applications, with slight configuration, can run on UOS; UOS consensus prevents BP nodes from voting to each other; UOS joins BP penalty mechanism to prevent BP from doing evil; UOS irreversible block mechanism makes block confirmation faster. UOS fundamentally reduces the technical threshold and helps blockchain projects to land quickly.



Ulord is a peer to peer value transfer public blockchain.

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