Ulord Project Progress (From December 17 to December 23, 2020)

2 min readDec 24, 2020

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Technical Progress


1. The staffs have researched TPM to study the off-chain calculation method in the trusted execution environment.

2. The chameleon hashing key sharding code design was adjusted to ensure the user privacy security on the chain;

3. The technology of CA key updating and dynamic extension was studied to improve the flexibility and adaptability of the chain.


The research staffs optimized the UDFS JavaScript client data storage and retrieval to ensure user experience.

Operation Progress

Ulord Chain Cloud Ecosystem News brings the latest blockchain information.

Product Progress

The UDFS storage nodes have been maintained to ensure the normal user revenue.


The trusted Execution environment (TEE) is a secure area in CPU. It runs in a separate environment and in parallel with the operating system. The CPU ensures that the confidentiality and integrity of the code and data in the TEE are protected. TEE is more secure than an operating system by using both hardware and software to protect data and code. Trusted applications running in TEE have access to the full functionality of the device’s main processor and memory, and hardware isolation protects these components from user-installed applications running in the main operating system.




Ulord is a peer to peer value transfer public blockchain.