Ulord Project Progress (From February 18, 2021 to February 24, 2021)

Welcome to contact us. Email: service@ulord.one, or @ulordchain on GitHub or Twitter. Your suggestions are very important to us. We look forward to your support and participation.

Technical Progress


1. The application scenarios of the identity authentication infrastructure in Ulord has been in research;

2. The key management system based on the identity authorization has been in research;

3. Intel TEE consensus result verification mechanism has been in research.


1. The effect of the UDFS cost-based re-balancing approach was in test.

2. The incentive mechanism design of the UDFS mortgage model in the case of multiple storage nodes has been studied.

Product Progress

The users’ questions were answered timely and the nodes were optimized according to these questions.


TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), it guarantees computations that are not interfered by the regular operating system and is therefore called “Trusted”. It is achieved by creating a small operating system that can run independently in the “secure world” of TrustZone, providing a few services directly in the form of system calls (handled directly by the TrustZone kernel). In addition, the TrustZone kernel can safely load and execute small programs called “Trustlets” to add “trusted” functions to the extension model. Trustlets programs provide secure services for insecure (common world) operating systems such as Android.