Ulord Project Progress (From Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 9, 2019)

Ulord project progress includes the progress from the underlying layer team, the platform team, the application team, and test team.

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Technical progress

Development progress

The Ulord public blockchain development mainly focused on the sidechain USC optimization, the BP node application deployment of the sidechain UOS, Usmart bug fix, UDFS incentive rules and signature confirmation. Ulord V2.0.1 was completed. Red packet is a new feature of this version. The product design review of Ulord V 2.1.0 was completed.

The Public Blockchain Development

1. The Ulord sidechain USC improvement plan was completed. A shared consensus design was used to improve the USC performance through the same consensus mechanism.

2. The USC shared consensus solution was discussed. The focus was how to solve the USC fork and its solution.

3. Part of the USC codes was changed, the USC joint mining function module was removed and the design of the optimization plan was finished.

4. The UOS testnet online document was improved. It contains the UOS BP node application and the deployment installation document.

5. A functional test of Usmart on the UOS testnet was conducted to solve the problem that Usmart and scatter cannot be used together.

6. Usmart V1.0 was released to solve the DApp payment on the UOS sidechain. Currently, Usmart is available in the chrome APP store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/usmart/ngfclcgmkfolpdbbkdkhibiijhfhlhhi?hl=zh-CN

7. Part of the DAPP docking test on the UOS testnet was completed. Users will be able to experience the DAPP developed on the UOS sidechain.

8. The incentive distribution mechanism of UDFS was completed. UDFS revenue system will give some rewards to the storage nodes, and ensure the fairness through the reward publicity.

9. The development of user signature confirmation was completed.


The development of Ulord V2.0.1 was completed:

1. The transaction log was optimized.

2. UT red packet function was completed and the entrance is in the discover module.

3. The optimization of the Ulord beta version and bug fix.

4. The top-up, withdrawal, transaction query were optimized.

5. The honeycomb game was optimized, such as help to gather honey, honey tips and parameter optimization.

6. Bug fix in V2.0.0:

a. Data duplication;

b. Software stuck in help to gather honey.

The product design review of Ulord V2.1.0 was completed and it has been in the functional requirements design stage:

1. The wallet structure was optimized, and the wallet entrance was adjusted and optimized.

2. UOS token was added:

a. The UOS wallet creation and the private key import;

b. UOS transfer and collection, UOS and UT two-way peg exchange function;

c. UOS wallet tool;

d. UOS resource management, memory buy and sell, bandwidth mortgage redemption.

3. UT management function was added, and the entrance is in the discovery module.

Operation Progress

On Jan 4, the article of Interpretation of UOS, the Ulord Sidechain was released. It interprets the UOS features, DApps on UOS and the Ulord ecosystem building. Link: https://medium.com/@UlordChain/interpretation-of-uos-the-ulord-sidechain-6af35a8bd19f . More articles about UOS will be released for more developers to know about UOS and join the development.

On Jan 7, the beta test of Ulord was finished. Ulord gave rewards to the excellent Ulord users, including best joiners, best advice and best users. Sincere thanks to all the users in the beta test for their advice and efforts.

A Ulord meetup was held in New York on Jan 9, 2019. The theme was Meet Ulord, Meet a Better You. The speaker Dr. Joshua shared the Ulord architecture, ecosystem building, the R&D progress and had a good interaction with the joiners.


DPoS: Delegated Proof of Stake. A board-like authorized consensus mechanism that allows each token holder to vote on nodes of the whole system. They can decide which nodes can be trusted to represent them to take the verification and bookkeeping and get corresponding rewards. DPoS significantly promotes the blockchain processing ability and reduces the maintenance cost, making the transaction speed close to a centralized settlement system.

Usmart: a blockchain web wallet plug-in for Ulord DApps, which can be easily integrated into the Chrome browser. It is quite convenient for users to join in the DApp service in the Ulord ecosystem. Currently, it supports UOS, ETH and EOS, and will support USC in new versions.