Ulord Project Progress (From Nov 14 to Nov 21, 2018)

Ulord project progress includes the progress from the underlying layer team, the platform team, the application team, and test team.

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Technical progress

Development progress

The development of the Ulord public blockchain development mainly focused on the new functions of the sidechain USC, the account optimization of the sidechain UOS, node software upgrade, contract writing, the official release of UDFS V1.0, and the development of UMaster. The development of login, registration and task module on the Ulord wallet V2.0 was completed. The UI, pop-up window, and sound effects of pop-up window, and sound effects of the honeycomb game were initially developed. The proposal module and the back-stage management of the developer community V1.2.0 were in optimization.

The development of the public blockchain

1. A new opcode STATICCALL was added to the sidechain USC to promote the contract security. When the contract A calls the contract B, this opcode (STATICCALL) will pop up an exception display.

2. The scripts was written to create sidechain UOS accounts in batches for an easy user registration.

3. The software upgrade of the sidechain UOS node was tested, so that each node can take the software upgrade in turn, and there will be no fork.

4. The side chain UOS producer node was deployed on the master node machine of the Ulord mainnet to test whether the network performance of the master node machine can satisfy the operation of the producer node.

5. The uosio.cdt contract authoring tool was modified and uosio.cdt can be used to compile the contract on the sidechain UOS.

6. The uosbetdice contract was written. This contract will be tested on the sidechain UOS, and its main function includes betting and lottery.

7. Research on new consensus algorithms such as DAG and PBFT.

8. Cross-chain multi-asset interaction protocol research to solve the asset interflow between chains.

9. The UDFS V1.0 was officially released, and currently more than 10 master nodes have been responsible for storage function, content distribution and backup. The UDFS network can be accessed via the API link: http://udfs.ulord.one:3000/ and visit it.

10. The main development of UMaster was completed and has been in the joint commissioning phase, which is expected to alleviate the remote maintenance for master nodes.


Ulord Wallet V2.0 has been in the development:

1. The login, registration, page design and the back stage interface were completed.

2. The development of task module was completed. Users can take KYC (real name authentication) and answer questions.

3. The UI coding and animation effects of the flower bed in honeycomb page, and the various pop-up windows of the honeycomb were completed.

Developer Community V1.2.0 was in development:

1. The UI design of the proposal module was completed.

2. The financial management of the back-stage management system was completed to facilitate the UT distribution.

3. The function of the automatical transfer after the user completes the invitation task to the recipient and the inviter was realized.


1. The development of the sidechain UOS block browser: the interface joint adjustment of the browser and the underlying testnet was finished to facilitate the follow-up work.

2. The static page writing and the back-stage service interface writing were completed, including the general news creation, modification, deletion and category module management.

Operation Progress

On November 19–20, 2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit was successfully held in Hangzhou. Ulord CEO Dam Woods was invited to attend and delivered a speech on “Reconstruct the Internet World by Blockchain Technology”. He shared his ideas on the value Internet, the blockchain technology and the application examples of the public blockchain.

On November 21, the ninth lesson on “The Ulord Chain and the Technical Features” was given to Ulord Youde community members. The lecturers are doctors from the Ulord technical team, and give training to Youde core volunteers. The courses mainly include blockchain technology, development prospects and Ulord technical features.


Wallet V2.0: It is an App, a content distribution platform. It provides a traffic portal for all the applications grafted on Ulord, and gives users a convenient one-stop login service to optimize the consumption, payment, transaction.

Honeycomb game: another application on Wallet V2.0. It aims to create a blockchain game with complete rules, rich scenes and freedom. In the future, it will gradually develop into a commercial community through socialization and transaction.

DAG (Database Availability Group): It is a data structure commonly used in the computer field. DAG has a unique topology and is often used in dynamic programming and getting the shortest path in navigation. In blockchain, DAG is used in scalability. By increasing the block size or block frequency to generate a large number of forks, attackers still needs 51% of the computing power to attack.

PBFT(Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance): The PBET consensus mechanism is that the minority obeys the majority. According to the information exchanged among the nodes in the distributed network, each node lists all the information it obtains. One node represents one vote, and the most vote is a selected solution. PBET controls the fault tolerance in 1/3 of the total nodes, that is, if there are more than 2/3 normal nodes, the entire system can operate normally.

UMaster: The abbreviation of the Ulord master node software, which is used to manage and maintain the master node ecosystem, including the master node machine, the Dapp management, the contribution management.

Ulord is a peer to peer value transfer public blockchain.