Ulord Project Progress(From October 06, 2022 to October 12, 2022)

Welcome to contact us. Email: service@ulord.one, or @ulordchain on GitHub or Twitter. Your suggestions are very important to us. We look forward to your support and participation.

Technical Progress


1.A new sector management API was added to support semi sealed sector import enclosures.

2.The UUID was added to each message of the daemon, enabling multiple chain nodes to connect to a single excavator, so that the API calls of each node were balanced.


1.A configurable delegation routing system was introduced to allow multiple routers to be configured to work together to realize synchronous query of multiple DHT routers.

2.A new WebTransport module was added, which supported users listening to any QUIC address, and allowed the browser to establish a secure connection with the server without CA signed certificates and configuring reverse proxies.

Product Progress

Some functions of Ulord APP were Optimized.


Local Wallet: Local Wallet refers to storing private keys and transaction data in the local end, such as computers, mobile phones or other local devices; It refers to the storage location of the key, which is independent of online wallet and offline wallet.



Ulord is a peer to peer value transfer public blockchain.

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