UOS Tutorial | What are RAM, CPU, and NET?

5 min readMar 19, 2019


On February 26, UOS, the Ulord sidechain was launched and caught the widely attention. This article mainly explains some details of CPU, NET, and RAM resources. It will not make you disappointed after reading.

I. What is UOS?

It is a second sidechain based on Ulord. It uses the DPoS consensus protocol to get a million-level TPS. UOS has strong compatibility with EOS. UOS consensus mechanism prevents the mutual voting between the consensus masternodes; UOS adds a penalty mechanism to prevent nodes from doing evil. UOS lowers the technical threshold to promote the blockchain application.

All Tokens on the UOS chain are generated from the UT exchange. UOS will not appear or disappear suddenly. The exchange ratio of UOS and UT is 1:1.

II. Three resources of UOS

At present, there are three main resources in the UOS system: network bandwidth resource (NET), CPU computing resource (CPU), and running memory resource (RAM).

RAM originally refers to computer memory. In the UOS system, RAM is the main memory space of the UOS system occupied by the storage account data.

CPU originally refers to the central processing unit of computer. In the UOS system, CPU refers to the time required for the UOS system to process the operation instructions.

NET originally refers to a computer network. In the UOS system, NET is the size of data transmitted in the UOS system.

In summary, RAM is the storage resource occupied by the account, CPU is the computing power occupied by the operation instruction, and NET is the network resource occupied by the operation instruction.

For example:

Bob is a technology geek, and he is very optimistic about the prospects of UOS. He wants to develop a DApp on UOS. To develop DApp, he must have RAM resources to deploy contracts.

If you want to transfer money to another account, the UOS system handles your transfer instructions and assumes that it takes 1ms. It is necessary to mortgage UOS in advance to get at least 1ms of CPU.

Meanwhile, the transfer instructions you send are also data, and it needs the UOS network resources. If it is 1KB, you must mortgage UOS in advance to exchange at least 1KB of NET.

III. The ways to get these 3 resources

RAM is forever occupied and not recoverable. It needs to be purchased with UOS, and can be used permanently after purchase.

To realize the market configuration of RAM, the price of RAM adopts the Bancor algorithm, and its price is determined by the supply and demand relationship of the market. The more people buy, the higher the price. In this way, it ensures the liquidity of RAM resources.

UOS RAM price inquiry: https://explorer.uosio.org/

CPU and NET are one-time use. You have to mortgage UOS for exchange, and they are not directly charged. Take CPU for example:

CPU adopts a proportional system, and allocates CPU according to the proportion of the user’s UOS mortgage amount to the total mortgage amount. For example, if there are 100 UOS on the whole network for obtaining the use right of CPU, then one UOS will get 1% of the total computing resources of the entire network. CPU and NET are always in a state of slow recovery. If CPU is completely worn out, it will be fully restored the next day if the mortgage is unchanged.

IV. How to get these three resources of UOS

First, you should use Ulord (APP) to register your UOS account. The UOS account is your pass + ID + wallet in the UOS world.

The UOS account is neither a private key nor a public key, but a 12-bit string bound to the private key and the public key. For example, the account number is: xiaomishuabc.

The benefits of this account system like UOS is easy to remember, easy to use and safe.

To be specific, you need to purchase RAM or mortgage CPU and NET through UOS in Ulord.

  1. Download Ulord (APP). Link: https://lkme.cc/rXD/yX9x4BluL?visit_id=906428

Click the Add Wallet button to enter the UOS Wallet Creation interface.

PS: You must have a UT wallet with balance to create a UOS wallet.

2. Click the activation code to create a UOS account.

PS: According to the Ulord official news, the activation code is issued daily with a limited amount, and each ID can only create one UOS account. It is necessary to create a UOS account early.

3. Enter the wallet name and password to click Wallet.

4. Enter the account name as required, click to get the activation code and create a UOS account.

5. The wallet was created successfully and backed up.

6. Exchange UOS

7. Buy RAM, mortgage CPU and NET




Ulord is a peer to peer value transfer public blockchain.